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Hi there! Here I'll answer some of the more popular questions and hopefully save you some time :) 

Do you accept custom orders?


Yes! However, not all of the time. Twice a month, figure every other week, unless otherwise stated, I will make a post on my Instagram and the banner at the top of my website announcing my custom order slot availability. As of right now, I'm limiting myself to 5 orders at a time on a first come, first serve basis in order to keep it fair. This allows me to create orders in a timely manner without stretching myself too thin, and having you wait for long periods of time. In the future I hope to increase that number. Please make sure to follow me on at least one of my social media platforms listed at the top if this is something you are interested in. It's where I post all of my updates.

Can I send you a card I own? How do the custom orders work?


You can mail me a card that you want made into a keychain. If you snag a spot in my 'Custom Order' post and you tell me you'd like to mail me a card I will DM you the address to send the card to and I will have it made. Otherwise, if there's a specific card you're after, I will search for several designs and have you tell me which of those you prefer. I usually use eBay as it is the cheapest option I've come across so far. There is no additional cost to you for having me order the card online UNLESS it is an expensive card that you are dead-set on having, but I have yet to come across orders like these. All cards I have ordered for customers so far have been $5 and under.

How long does it take? 


If I own the card I can have it completed in 3 days from the order placed. However, if I order the card online and have it shipped to my house the time it takes to arrive is up to the seller of that card. I do try to order cards that will arrive in a timely manner. Usually, it doesn't take more than a week to arrive. Once the card is delivered it takes 3 days to be made. On average please allow about a week and a half to two weeks to have your order fulfilled. Since I know it can be lengthy, I will keep you updated throughout the whole process!

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