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Describe in the text box provided what you would like. If choosing DDR please specify the song. For Frutiger Aero or Vaporwave the image used will be left to the artist's discretion unless specified otherwise. You can choose to from a Dry shaker or Liquid shaker option. If you're wanting a completely different template please message me first before ordering to determine if it can be made. Thank you! 3-4 weeks processing time


Keychain size is approx. 2.5 x 2” Note: If choosing the "Liquid Shaker" there may be a small air bubble in the oil cavity of the keychain. This DOES NOT indicate a leak. Small bubbles may appear in the final product. This is unavoidable with the resin’s curing process. Please keep this in mind as you make your purchase.

Custom Template (DDR,Frutiger Aero, Website etc)

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